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Many hospitals periodically need assistance in cleaning up their A/R or need an influx of cash for capitol expenses. Other times, hospitals may be in the process of a system conversion and need to focus all of their resources on the success of the conversion. Working closely with an EMA Representative, each clientís specific needs are individually evaluated, and a cost effective solution is designed to meet or exceed the clientís expectations.

Step One - Assessment

Within forty-eight hours of contacting E-Management Associates, an EMA Representative experienced in Interim Project Outsourcing and decision making authority will meet with you at no cost or obligation to discuss and assess your hospitalís specific needs.

Seventy-two hours after meeting with an EMA representative and furnishing any necessary information needed, a preliminary proposal will be presented for review. EMA prides itself on ďthinking outside of the boxĒ and will present the most technologically advanced and astute recommendations in the industry.

Evaluating the clientís needs, EMA will employ all of its resources to bring the desired outcome to fruition. Possible solutions may include, but are not limited to: Customized letter and/or voice follow-up of active self-pay accounts, Settlement offer notification, Pre-collect notices, Bad debt evaluation, Letter and/or voice fundraising, Letter and/or voice billing department surveying (i.e. Pressgani Report), and Letter and/or voice scheduling of routine services (i.e. Mammograms)

Step Two - Implementation

Prior to implementation, an EMA representative will meet with hospital management to assist in the development of their customized Interim Project Outsourcing program. Flowcharting activites, each step in the outsourcing program will be documented and illustrated in the agreement.

Any written correspondence will incorporate the hospitalís logo and identity. To ensure that any phone calls made are handled in a consistent manner with the hospitalís needs, phone scripts will be developed by an EMA representative with the assistance of hospital administration.

EMA employs expert internal technical support who will work closely with your HIS Department to ensure seamless, secure, and HIPAA complaint exchange of data used for your Interim Project Outsourcing program. For Interim Project Outsourcing, either EMAís state of the art proprietary systems, developed exclusively for interim projects, may be utilized for bi-direction transfers of data via SFTP or the hospitalís system may be utilized via a Virtual Private Network.

All Interim Project Outsourcing emphasizes consistent, high quality follow-up on your behalf. Consistency and quality is guaranteed and documented both contractually and on an account detail level in most cases.

Step Three - Accountability

We stand behind our work 100%. All Interim Project Outsourcing programs are monitored on a daily basis by a supervisor and on a weekly basis by management. A Client Services Executive also reviews each programís performance monthly with appropriate management at the hospital through fruition of the program. Monthly meetings include comprehensive reporting of the hospitalís interim projects performance.

On a monthly basis, clients receive standard reports designed at implementation to illustrate the effectiveness of the program and any other necessary feedback needed to ensure its success.

Customized reporting is also available at no additional cost. Custom reports are available on demand, daily, weekly, or monthly and can be sent in either hard or soft copy. Customized reporting can include any statistical information regarding activity.

Tailored for your needs!

EMA has been assisting the medical community for more than two decades. We are customer service and accounts receivable specialists, engaged specifically in problem solving communications.

At no cost or obligation, an EMA representative will conduct an in-depth analysis of your specific needs and provide your hospital with a comprehensive proposal illustrating how you can unlock your full potential effortlessly and efficiently.

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Interim Project Outsourcing